Rock Your Body Right Fitness provides Ladies Fit Camp and Pilates classes in Headley, Tadley and Bucklebury. It is run by Amy Phillips, a local mum, who tells us a bit more about herself and her classes below.

“I qualified as a personal trainer in 2009 and after 6 years of one to one sessions I realised how important it was for my clients to enjoy themselves and how much being part of a team helps them to reach their health goals so I decided to start group training which has been incredibly rewarding and fun! Over the last 8 years I’ve also qualified in sports massage and NLP coaching which has been fantastic as a way to help my clients move forward with strategies to live a healthier life, with less injury. After having my baby in October 2018 I adapted my working pattern to suit this new life so I now offer a great balance of classes with three ladies Fit Camp classes and two Pilates classes over the week. 

My Fit Camp classes are for ladies of any age who would like to increase their fitness, strength and confidence, all abilities welcome. We have a strong sense of community in the group and everyone is very encouraging. I often hear from my members how great it is to think of nothing else for 45 minutes so these classes would suit anyone wanting some ‘me’ time. My Fitness Pilates classes are for anyone from beginners to those who may have done Pilates or another form of activity before but not for a while, or feel they would like a non-impact workout to complement their other activities. Pilates can also help those recovering from injury and is often recommended by physios so please ask if you have any questions about your injury. 

Fit Camp classes include interval-based exercises that work the whole body. The 45 minute session includes a warm up, the main workout and then a cool down. The main workout is changed every four weeks and adapted during that time to make sure everyone is challenged. The best part is most of the moves are timed so it’s all about you and your abilities, the focus is on you; there’s no need to worry about what others are doing. Rather than focusing on your size and weight loss we like to encourage members to be aware of how they feel as the sessions progress, their strength, fitness and confidence will improve with these HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, we pride ourselves in the fact that this class massively helps with boosting moods from not only the endorphins released but from the group support. Sessions can include anything from squatting to planking, jumping to sitting and circuits to boxing. The regular changes to our classes we make in Fit Camp are hugely beneficial to you to make sure your body is always suitably challenged and becoming tighter and leaner. We include a lot of body weight exercises and keep it simple so you can really focus on form.

Fitness Pilates is a class developed from Joseph Pilates’ work. The aim is to identify any postural and movement imbalances you may have through non-impact exercises and stretches. Each move is able to be adapted to suit all abilities and we generally work from a standing position and balance work to a lying position, ending with a relaxation at the end. Over a six-week period we introduce different exercises, developing on the last week so you can really feel the difference in your body. Pilates is a fantastic excuse to slow down your breathing, which helps the mind and body to unwind, finishing each class with a lay down relaxation means a chance for most to just be, to get away from the busy-ness we experience daily. There is a strong focus on posture so after a few classes you will be feeling taller!”

Fit Camp:

Mondays 6.45-7.30pm

Wednesdays 6.45-7.30pm

Saturdays 8.30-9.15am

All at the Hurst School, Tadley, RG26 5NL.

Prices from £6.50 per class when doing 3 per week. Options to join for 1, 2 or 3 per week over 6 weeks or pay as you go.

Beginners’ fitness Pilates (spaces limited to 12):

Tuesdays 6.30-7.30pm 

At Headley Village Hall, Thornford Road.

Thursdays 9.30-10.30am

At The Victory Room, Bucklebury.

£48 for 6 classes or £10 for 1. 

Discounts are available when you join for 6 weeks. For more information on these classes you can contact Amy on Eor email

You can also follow on Facebook: Rock Your Body Right Fitness and Instagram: @rockyourbodyrightfitness.