Are you feeling bloated or unable to shift those excess pounds? Tired all the time? Unhappy, anxious or irritable? Rachel Willis-Smith is a local mum gifted with the ability to intuit the foods your body is intolerant to, as well as those you can eat in abundance to bring you greater health and wellbeing. Rachel told us more about what she does and how she can help you:

“The Food Intuition that I guide is a one-off; it’s how your body is made – from beginning to end – and aligning with it can bring you health, happiness and wholeness. For life. I see wonderful changes unfold when people eat in alignment with their unique physical needs. Clients can experience cravings vanish, energy return and ailments disappear. I receive these answers by reading your body’s energy like braille, and each client is given 5 pages of foods and drinks detailing what their body can and cannot tolerate, plus those that create optimum balance and holistic health. Each person is different, so each person has their own unique set of responses. This wisdom can be your blueprint for life.

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MYTH: Calories count

FACT: It is WHAT you eat that matters most

Most of my clients eat more after they receive their food intuitive reading than they did beforehand. And they weigh less. The difference being that they eat the foods/drinks their bodies can tolerate and they receive each morsel as fuel for their body that can be readily utilised, metabolised and expended as energy.

It is comparable to fuelling a diesel car with petrol. If you continue to laden your body with intolerant foods, then it cannot and will not function at its best. The end result of this is lethargy, weight gain, physical ailments, emotional disharmony and so on. Each soul has a unique reaction to each food and each person will be affected in unique ways by their eating habits.


When a person consumes a ‘toxic’ food/drink – i.e. one that they cannot tolerate – their body protects itself by storing this toxin in fat stores. If there are no fat stores, it will trigger cravings in a person (especially for sugary or high fat foods/drinks) to create the necessary fat stores to put the toxins into. Like shoving the dirty laundry into the cupboard when it starts to pile up! The body’s alternative would be to allow toxins to roam around coming into contact with vital organs and other areas that are far too precious to risk being harmed. When viewed from this angle, it makes sense, and the body is mightily intelligent to keep you alive by siphoning off the toxins into fat stores.

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So next time you sigh and criticise your thighs, hips or tummy, just remember that! For this reason, clearing the toxins (AKA detoxing) allows the fat stores to safely release their contents and for the body to cleanse itself and lose weight. BUT, as soon as intolerant foods/drinks are consumed again, the fat stores will return, there is no way to cheat the system. So understanding what your body can and cannot tolerate is the first crucial step.

This is what some of my clients have to say:


‘I suffered from digestive and skin problems for most of my life – I’m 70 years old.

 All of them cleared up since I followed Rachel’s advice over the last few years, and I feel so much better in myself too.

 Since then, many of my friends and family have had their readings, and it’s especially good to know my grandchildren can grow up healthy from the start.’


‘I have stress-related IBS, hypoglycaemia, insulin resistance and asthma, and spent years being failed by conventional medicine. 

Rachel has an uncanny gift that has helped me change my life when I had all but given up hope. 

To the sceptic I would simply say – try it, and see for yourself.’

I have a thriving practice assisting clients via email consultation, contact me at Visit my website at

Rachel Willis-Smith BA Hons ACA DpLC BSYA (N.Th)” 

The Food Intuitive has joined West Berkshire Mums as a partner business! Rachel is offering West Berkshire Mums Family Card holders a 10% discount on consultations. See our membership page for more details and to sign up for your free membership card.