Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids are launching in Newbury & Thatcham in 2019 and we recently went along to a couple of taster sessions with our 7 month old. The sessions are fun, high energy classes which open a world of Literacy to children and teach early phonics skills. Classes are available for children aged 3 months – 4 years. The Newbury & Thatcham franchise is run by local mum Rachel, a qualified Primary School teacher and Special Educational Needs Coordinator. She was inspired by seeing the Franchise run in other areas of the country and felt that in our fast moving society some of the basic skills that underpin children’s early steps in literacy are often overlooked.

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There are three age groups for classes: Sounds Right Phonics Class (2.5-5 years), Mini Sounds Right Phonics Class (12 months-2.5 years) and Sounds Right Babes (3 months-walking).

We attended a Babes class and a Sounds Right Phonics Class. Both classes featured lots of music, props and activities.

The class for the older children was very energetic and began with a welcome song; each child was then given the opportunity to post their name label into a letterbox, encouraging them to recognise their names. Each week the class features a different sound and during this session it was the ‘s’ sound. Objects beginning with ‘s’ were taken out of the ‘Sound Bag’ and we sang a song about a snake. This was followed by some dancing, clapping and pom pom shaking! Shaking the pom poms up and down helps children practise their gross fine motor skills and the up & down actions are good for when they are learning handwriting. Robot Reg, the mascot, made an appearance and played a game with the children where they had to find a picture that matched the word he was saying. There was then a ‘dough disco’ (featuring play dough), a rendition of Tommy Thumb, a game where we all went on a journey in various different vehicles and a bit of hide & seek. At the end of the session each child was asked if they could think of a word that began with the ‘s’ sound and everyone was given a sticker.


The Babes session wasn’t quite as energetic but was still full of fun activities! It began with the welcome song and there was an appearance from Robot Reg. We went on a trip to outer space with stars and flashing lights. The session featured nursery rhymes, instruments and pom poms. There was also some quiet time with classical music, a light show on the wall (which our baby loved) and scarves. The Babes session lasted about 30 minutes and the final 15 minutes was a chance to read stories with the babies, have a hot drink (Old Bluecoat School only) and a chat with other parents & carers.

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During the Sounds Right Minis sessions, children are also introduced to a sound and play a game associated with it. Gross motor skills are also developed through high energy action songs using a variety of props. Nursery rhymes are explored in the Minis session but using role play to extend their imagination. Instruments and rhymes help develop children’s listening skills and fine motor skills.

SRP Robot Reg SRP 3
The games and activities in all of the sessions also help to teach essential life skills for toddlers and pre-school children such as playing cooperatively and taking turns.

Classes start in January and take place at Old Bluecoat School in Thatcham on Tuesdays and at Eddie Catz in Newbury on Fridays. For more information you can email, you can also visit the Facebook and Instagram pages and the website:

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