Mini Professors Science classes currently run in Newbury and Professor Ruth told us a little bit more about her sessions and what they involve:

“I’m Professor Ruth and I run Mini Professors Science classes for pre-schoolers, early years settings and Primary Schools (EYFS/KS1) in Newbury, Hungerford and Marlborough. I’m a qualified primary school teacher and a mum of one very keen Mini Professor aged 3; it was attending classes together that encouraged me to leave classroom teaching to take on the new and exciting challenge of running Mini Professors in Newbury.

Mini Professors is the first science program designed specifically for preschool children. Our classes are fun, unique and most importantly interactive. With hands on experiments, stories and videos based around one of our 80 different science topics, we take your child (and you!) on a scientific adventure. Don your labcoat, bring your curiosity and come to explore and marvel at the science that’s all around us.

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You might think that 2 to 5 year olds are too young to learn Science but our amazing little learners have incredibly scientific minds. Their innate curiosity and desire to work out what the world around them is doing makes them the very best Scientists! From the moment our babies start moving and interacting with the world they’re exploring and understanding what they see around them. Everything they see, touch, smell- it’s all science.

Maybe Science wasn’t your thing at school? Don’t worry, we are not taking you back to your GCSE science classroom, we promise! Many of our parents enjoy the sessions just as much as the little ones, learning new things and commenting, ‘If only my science learning had been like this, I would have actually enjoyed Science!’

All our lessons have been thoroughly trialled and tested nationwide with thousands of growing Scientists. Our aim is to bring science to life for young children and we believe that to do the science is the most important thing. Getting your hands mucky, watching and observing what happens when you do this or that. Our sessions are fast paced and have distinct segments (intro, experiments, video and story) to keep your little ones engaged. While the topic changes each week, the routine does not so your Professor knows exactly what is coming next.

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Watch them grow in confidence as you take them on the first steps of their learning journey, it’s a classroom but not quite as you remember it and you’ll be there with them every step of the way. What’s more we love it when our Professors continue to learn and share what they found out in class at home, many of our experiments are things you can re-create again later.

We run pre-school classes at Eddie Catz in Newbury on Mondays at 10.30am & 1pm. All new customers can book a 3-week trial for £12 to see if our sessions are for your little one, after that, if you love our sessions you can book a 6-week or 12-week block of classes. If you manage an early years setting or teach in a local primary school and like the sound of what we do we would also love to hear from you to arrange a suitable appointment to meet you.

Simply email us or visit our webpage if you’d like to find out more.”

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