Are you looking for beautiful silver jewellery that stands the test of time? Local mum Lisa makes some stunning silver pieces that she sells through her business, Limezest. Lisa told us a bit more about her business, her inspiration and how it all started:

“I started making jewellery because I was getting a bit fed up of high street jewellery only lasting a few wears, I wanted to learn how to make my own and how to make it last. I searched for a class that taught me the basics about beaded jewellery and away I went.

From my dining room table I made beaded bracelets, necklaces and other simple items to sell at local fetes. Having saved any profit from these events, I bought a basic set of jewellery tools and booked myself onto a silver ring jewellery workshop where I learned how to forge and solder silver. However, I am mostly self-taught through reading books, scouring Youtube and a lot of trial and error! These are the foundations I’ve used to produce the jewellery I make today.

Limezest rings Limezest leaft necklace

I grew up in the hotel industry – my mum worked in a hotel for years and in school holidays I would help her while she worked. We then bought a small hotel on the Dorset coast where I spent my teenage years working or at the beach climbing down cliffs I wouldn’t even dear go near these days!

The coast is in my heart and it’s where I get a lot of inspiration for my COAST range. From school I joined the Royal Navy and completed my basic training at HMS Rayleigh. I learned respect, time keeping, how to shoot an SA80 gun & to march in a straight line. I became super fit only to decide that I didn’t like being told what to do! As I was under 18 I had one year to decide if I was a right fit and I just wasn’t! When I left I went back to college and studied Business; I went on to work for several companies where I moved up the ranks into management.

I left when I had my first child and have not been back to work for anyone other than myself since. When my first daughter was born I knew I wanted to keep busy and do something that earned some money. Giving up my job was hard, don’t get me wrong I loved being a mum but I also really enjoyed working so I needed something! That’s how Limezest was born.

Limezest stack ring Limezest scroll necklace

My husband created a website with a simple shop. I set up social media accounts and started making some silver jewellery to sell. It was a hard slog of keeping up with social media, constantly improving skills and learning new techniques. Ten years later and I have a large studio in my home dedicated to Limezest Jewellery.

I have regular orders which keep me busy but it allows me the flexibility I need with two school age children. I genuinely get excited when an order comes though the website, I love my job! As well as the items on my website, I have made some special pieces over the years for some amazing reasons, sometimes sad reasons but in those situations I’m glad that my jewellery has put a smile on someone’s face.”

You can view and buy Lisa’s jewellery at You can also follow her on Facebook: and Instagram:

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