Mini Professors Science Classes launched in Newbury on 3rd July and we went to the very first session at Eddie Catz, taking along our eager West Berkshire Mums three year old. The Mini Professors programme is written specifically for children aged 2-5 and is a fun and interactive introduction to the world of science. Covering 80 topics, Mini Professors enjoy a different adventure every week, going from rainforests to deserts and even into space. The Newbury classes are run by qualified teacher and mum of one Ruth who says: ‘I’m passionate about education and giving children the best start in their academic lives. Having a child of my own prompted me to re-evaluate my career, as I couldn’t sustain the long hours needed to be the teacher I wanted to be. I began researching alternatives which lead me to the Mini Professors programme. I wanted to find out more so went to classes with my own son and it wasn’t long before we were both hooked! I am really excited about this opportunity to provide unique, educational pre-school classes that foster a love of learning.’

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The session we attended was all about fossils and was 45 minutes of videos, stories and hands on experiments. Each child was given a ‘Professor’ name badge and the option to wear a white lab coat. Once everyone was seated on their colourful science themed ‘spots,’ the session began with the Mini Professors Welcome Song. Some small fossil samples were then passed around the group so everyone could have a look, these included insects preserved in amber and some fossilised teeth. This was followed by our first experiment where all of the children made their own fossils to take home using salt dough. Each child was given a turn to help make the dough before being given a piece to roll out; toy dinosaurs and sea shells were then used to make ‘fossil’ imprints in the dough. After the first experiment we watched a video, during which our little one declared that ‘fossils are amazing!’ and Professor Ruth read a story to the children. It was then time for another experiment! This time the children had a go at being Palaeontologists, using brushes and magnifying glasses to search for bones in the sand. The session ended with a goodbye song and each child was given a sticker. Our little one had a fantastic time at Mini Professors, saying that her favourite bits were ‘looking at the fossils’ and ‘finding the fossils.’

Mini Professors Experiment 168x300Mini Professors Jessica 168x300The Mini Professors launch term is running on Monday mornings at Eddie Catz, Northway House, York Road, Newbury, RG14 7NF until the 24th July 2017 (mixed ages 2- 5 years). Classes are also running on Monday mornings in August and a new 10 week term will be starting on September 4th with split age classes. Classes are also available in early years settings. For more information contact Professor Ruth at You can also visit the website or the Facebook page. Mini Professors is a West Berkshire Mums card partner! See our members’ page for details of its latest offer and to sign up for your free card.

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