Body by Vi UK

Body byVi is a weight loss concept brought over from North America to the UK market. They have perfected their weight-loss shakes and thinking.

Body by vi-article pictWhether you’re looking to lose weight or get fit their concept is to lose 10 lbs (approximately a dress size) or to gain 10lb of lean muscle at a time and that’s what they do, challenge you to lose 10 and reward you along the way. Every week Body by Vi reward 10 customers, who lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs of lean muscle, with a share of £6000! Not only that,but with every 10lbs lost or lean muscle gained, the company donate 30 meals to Project10 kids charity which is set up to help overweight or obese children make healthier choices and therefore lead healthier lifestyles.

It’s very easy to get started, you just sign up on-line as a customer, decide what “kit” is right for you; weight maintenance or weight-loss / lean muscle builder. The kits consist mainly of shakes; however there are added supplements like the Body by Vi cookies you can add.  You can also track your targets and weight loss online and even get involved on Facebook to be part of the Body by Vi community.

WestBerkshireMums ran our own little trial.  The shakes were enjoyable and we loved the suggestion of blending fruit with them, banana was this household’s personal favourite. They also provided some great recipe ideas on different ways to prepare the shakes eg. As pancakes.  After a week’s trial our tester lost 5lb’s-a really pleasing result for them!

If you’ve had a baby recently and are ready to start getting back into shape, these shakes could be the ideal solution and are even safe to use whilst breastfeeding.  But please consult your doctor before embarking on any weight loss plan to ensure your personal suitability.

body by vi-article pic2You can also sign up to be a promoter yourself (more information on-line), this was how WestBerkshireMums discovered Body by Vi. Local dad, Brett started Body by Vi in Nov 2013 and lost 28lbs (2 Stone) in his 90 day challenge. He achieved his personal goal; to lose 2 stone and to complete his lifetime ambition of doing a Triathlon race. Brett enjoyed the product so much; he went on to promote Body by Vi himself.  Within this role he will happily come and answer any questions you may have and will happily give group demonstrations, so if in doubt please feel free to contact him directly on the number below or email .

Brett Goodson
Body by Vi Independent promoter
T: 07733696065