This Surestart group for Parents with babies and children under 5 years is held in the British Legion, in the lovely rural village of Lambourn.

memorial group 1The group runs as a drop-in session, every Wednesday morning 9:00 am – 11:30 am. There is no charge, though they ask for £1 donation, if you would like tea or coffee and a snack for your toddler.

Previously situated in the Memorial hall, the group grew with popularity and so the venue  had to accommodate the requirement. Moving to the British Legion,  located just off the Upper Lambourn road on the right, they provide ample car parking for all.

You enter threw the main doors (where you can park your buggies in the dry) and take the right turning into the hall and once past the barricade (to stop little escapee’s), you see a variety of activities and toys.

The play area consists of numerous soft mats with age appropriate toys for the various age ranges present.  You have the more infant area with cushions and soft toys and then books, farm animals, Lego and musical rattles for toddlers.babygroup-internal

There is also a Health professional and breastfeeding support at this session. If you wish to discuss anything, you just need to sign up on the appropriate sheet (at the far end of the hall) Your name will be called and you enter a small room, off the main hall for privacy.

Because your sat in groups, meeting other mums is very easy, however if you’re unsure where to start, the women that run the group are there to listen, give advice and keep you informed.

British Legion
Upper Lambourn road
RG17 8QD

Run by Hungerford Children’s Centre
T: 01488 682 628
T: 01488 683 977