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Wyld Court Alpacas is a small alpaca stud based in Hampstead Norreys, giving you the opportunity to go alpaca trekking. It is a family run business and owner Sharon told us a little bit more about Wyld Court Alpacas and how it began:

“We got our first Alpacas in January 2017 after swapping five females for a vintage Vespa, two were pregnant so by the summer we had seven females and the more time I spent with them the more they fascinated me. I had always loved them but had never had anything to do with them. Alpacas originate from Peru and Chilli and would live up in the Andes; they have the most amazing fibre which is beautifully soft to touch. It’s on a par with Cashmere but lighter and harder wearing and as it doesn’t have any lanolin it’s hypoallergenic. They are shorn in the summer and we will have yarn for sale later this year.

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Last summer my husband suggested starting the alpaca walking so I found out more about this side of it. A friend and I took part in a walk to see what it was all about, but the actual walk was only half a mile and this felt wholly unsatisfactory to me. I came home and started studying the OS map to try and find a good route that would be a “real” walk in nice surroundings. I approached Casey Fields Farm Shop to see if we could do the walks from there and they were more than happy to help. It seemed a good base as it has a cafe and toilet and a small paddock for the boys. We started to look for some males that were suitable for walking and I found my first three in Norfolk. I have since purchased two more and am on the look out to add to the gang.

The walks start at 10.30 and must be booked through our website; they last approximately two hours and do a loop through the byways in Ashampstead. We stop a couple of times to give the Alpacas some feed which they will happily eat from your hand. It’s a beautiful, relaxing walk as the Alpacas are in no rush and it’s done at their pace. ”

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Shorter walks are available for those with disabilities or mobility problems. All ages are welcome on the walks although the route is not suitable for buggies. Children need to be 6 to lead an alpaca and if they are under 9 an adult will be required to hold an additional lead. There is no charge for children under 2.

Alpaca trekking takes place from Casey Fields Farm Shop, off Dog Lane, Ashampstead, RG8 8SJ.

W: www.wyldcourtalpacas.co.uk

E: wyldcourtalpacas@hotmail.com

T: 07467 958441

Facebook: Wyld Court Alpaca Trekking

Wyld Court Alpacas has joined West Berkshire Mums as a partner business! For details of its latest offer and to sign up for your free West Berkshire Mums card, see our membership page.

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