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Bibble& Bubble Baby Yoga & Massage classes run in Newbury and are held at the Riverside Community Centre. The classes are run by local mum Tatjana who tells us a little bit more about herself, the classes and the benefits of baby yoga & massage:

“I am a fully qualified Baby Yoga and Massage Instructor, as well as a beauty and holistic therapist and reflexologist with over 7 years’ experience working in the beauty industry (mainly focusing on the Holistic side), as well as a mum of two lovely children. I attended baby yoga and massage classes with my second baby and realised how beneficial they were for both of us. I decided to share this experience with other mums and join Bibble & Bubble Baby Yoga and Massage.

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Baby yoga uses gentle stretches and movements that you can do with your baby. It incorporates massage, nursery rhymes and songs as well as postnatal yoga stretches to help you feel more energised. It also helps mums to recover and heal gently but effectively.

Bibble& Bubble Baby Yoga classes provide a fun and relaxing space for you and your child to enjoy the benefits of yoga and massage. It is a wonderful way to share some quality one-to-one time with your baby while gaining many health benefits. Our classes are baby-led, meaning parents are encouraged to feed/change/cuddle when needed. Our aim is to nurture parents and babies together. We are very passionate about bringing warmth and empathy to every class.

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Baby Yoga has some key benefits:

  • helps strengthen the physical body;
  • helps to settle babies and improve sleep patterns;
  • contributes to the development of the brain;
  • improves digestion and relief of colic;
  • helps the balance and harmony of the body;
  • helps babies to move from reflex to voluntary movements;
  • stimulates all the senses;
  • enhances communication between you and your baby;
  • tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the nervous system;
  • increases babies’ abilities to cope with future challenges;
  • a celebration of the individuality of your baby;
  • helps you to heal after a difficult birth or when suffering from post-natal depression; and
  • it is fun!”
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Bibble & Bubble runs 6 week Baby Yoga and Massage classes at Riverside Community Centre in Newbury, also offering 1-2-1 and small group sessions in the comfort of your home. The course is suitable for babies from 7 weeks old until crawling.

For more details and to book contact Tatjana at Bibble & Bubble Newbury via email: or phone: 07738876538

You can find out more by visiting the Bibble & Bubble Newbury website: and follow Bibble & Bubble Newbury on Facebook & Instagram.

Bibble & Bubble Newbury has joined WestBerkshireMums as a card partner! You can enjoy 10% off your first 6 week course plus free taster sessions are available. See our membership page for more details and to sign up for your free card.

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