Baby Sensations is a small independent business offering baby massage and reflexology classes. Co-founders Sarah and Linda have been running classes in and around Reading and Wokingham for several years. Having recently re-located to West Berkshire with their respective families they told us a little more about their classes and the benefits of baby massage and reflexology:

“Baby massage classes are a wonderful way to develop and enhance your relationship with your baby and have fun together. When you massage your baby you follow in the footsteps of parents and children the world over who have benefited from this gentle therapy. Massage can help to ease colic, wind and constipation. It can help to establish a bedtime routine and positive sleep habits, and help to soothe your baby when they are tired, irritable or over stimulated. Massage nourishes the skin and aids circulation. The soothing strokes of baby massage stimulate the production of Oxytocin (the ‘feel good’ hormone) in both you and your baby promoting feelings of contentment and wellbeing.

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Baby and toddler reflexology classes are another fun and stimulating way to develop and enhance your relationship with your baby. Baby Reflex is a specifically adapted and simplified form of reflexology for babies and children. It involves applying touch to areas on the hands and feet that correspond to areas of the body to promote wellbeing. Reflexology provides an ideal way to calm and soothe and it can help to promote positive sleep patterns in babies and young children.

You, your child, a warm room and a little natural oil; once you have mastered the strokes, massage or reflexology can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. It’s that simple and so beneficial!

Classes are kept small to give parents the best opportunity to relax and learn a new skill. We look forward to welcoming you.”

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For more information on the courses provided by Baby Sensations you can visit the website: or Facebook page. You can contact Baby Sensations via email: or phone: 07738 566 646/07548 132460.

Baby Sensations has joined West Berkshire Mums as a card partner! West Berkshire Mums card holders can enjoy 10% off baby massage and reflexology courses; see our membership page for more details and to sign up for your free card.

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