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Peaches & Eaches is a Berkshire based online shop providing gender neutral developmental toys for babies & toddlers. Peaches & Eaches is the brainchild of friends Rebecca Sellars-Meadmore and Catherine Stowell. It came about after Rebecca had a little one and was shocked to discover how difficult it was to find great gender neutral toys and clothes. Rebecca and Catherine wondered why everything that was pink and floral was aimed at girls and everything that was blue with dinosaurs and cars was only suitable for boys. The two friends decided to take action and began to search the internet to source gender neutral toys and Peaches & Eaches was born!

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You will not find any ‘boys toys’ or any ‘girls toys’ on the Peaches & Eaches website. Its ethos is that both boys and girls have the potential to do great things; in order to foster this idea, any gender specific referencing and categorising has been removed. Peaches & Eaches believes that if we want our children to grow up believing in themselves and in equality then we have to start at the very beginning by reinforcing the notion that all toys are for both genders. Peaches & Eaches also believes that everyone deserves a fair wage and that the use of plastic should be minimalised; all of its products are therefore from trusted known suppliers and are made from sustainably sourced materials.

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There are some lovely products available to buy from Peaches & Eaches including dolls, puppets, activity games and rattles. Rebecca and Catherine did a lot of research into the types of products they would offer and decided to follow in the footsteps of the authors of ‘The Wonder Weeks’ who discovered that there are 10 major developmental leaps in the first 76 weeks of a baby’s life. They were also influenced by Montessori methods. Each product description tells you how it can aid your child’s development. We love the crochet dolls and Hoot The Owl!

Have a look at all the toys & games on offer on the Peaches & Eaches website:

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