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Boogie Mites sessions are interactive music & movement classes for babies and children aged up to 5. Boogie Mites’ aim is to inspire parents and carers to have fun making music with their children, enabling them to build music into everyday life. It uses music, dance and sensory activity to help support the development of your child. The classes are run by local mum Lizzie who is a trained musician, she says: ‘I love making music, and I’m really excited about being able to share this with other parents/carers and their children. It’s never too young to start having fun with music and I’ve seen the amazing positive impact making music can have on people’. ‘Boogie Mites Babies’ is suitable for babies from birth to crawling and ‘Boogie Mites Minis’ is for children aged 1-5. We visited both a Babies and a Minis class, taking our four year old along with us.

Baby boogie mites 300x199Both classes were 45 minutes of fun songs, actions, props and sensory play. The baby class began with a ‘Welcome Song’ where each child was welcomed individually; this was followed by a ‘Hello’ song featuring actions including hand clapping, knee tapping and feet stamping! There were big smiles on many of the babies’ faces during this song which helps baby get to know different parts of their body. Coloured scarves were then passed around for a game of ‘Peek-a-Boo,’ involving Mummy, teddy and baby. Things got a little more energetic after this as parents got up on their feet with their babies and moved around the room with ‘marching legs’ and ‘skipping feet’ to a song about ‘Baby Matilda.’ All of the songs featured in the session up to this point were new but a familiar song then made an appearance as ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’ was sang together with actions. After a stimulating 40 minutes, the session ended with some winding down time and a little bit of baby massage while soothing music played. Jessica scarf 168x300The Minis class followed a similar format, beginning with ‘wiggly fingers’ and seeing how big and small we could make ourselves. Both the Welcome Song and the Hello song featured along with the scarves and teddies. We used our shakers to help us sing ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ and some sticks to tap out the rhythms of some familiar nursery rhymes. The noisiest part of the session was when the drums came out! Our little one loved beating the drums which helps with learning to count. Jessica drum 168x300We used the teddies for a couple of rounds of ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and the session ended with the lights turned down low and some bubbles. Boogie Mites runs on Monday mornings from 9.30am-10.15am at Cobbs Play Barn in Hungerford and on Thursday mornings from 10am until 10.45am (Minis) at the Acland Memorial Hall in Cold Ash. It costs £33.50 for a six week course or £6.50 per class if you pay as you go. For more information contact Lizzie at, you can visit the Facebook page here or the website here.

Boogie Mites has joined West Berkshire Mums as a card partner! Offering 10% off your first block booking! See our membership page for more details and to sign up for your free card.

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